Design of exterior and interior design of a house of 100 m2

A young girl, our customer decided to build a small house in the nature.
Initially, she already had a basic project at home, but we had to modify it and change it a bit.

The exterior of the house is made in discreet colors, strictly and restrained.

The interior stylistics presupposed a loft style with ethnic elements peculiar to wooden village houses.

The entrance hall is simple, but it has everything you need to store things and perform your basic functions.

The living room is combined with the kitchen with a large opening, visually the rooms are separated by a bar counter.
On the second floor there is a rather wide staircase, in which a storage cupboard is built, which is equipped with wheels and can be pushed forward opening a place for storing a vacuum cleaner and the like.

The workplace of the Customer who works in the IT sphere is located in the kitchen area, but does not intersect with its active part.

The first floor bedroom is designed for the Customer’s Mom. Paintings on the walls of the house are hand-made – embroidery by a cross, which the Customer’s Mama is fond of.

The bathroom of the first floor is equipped with a shower area, a toilet with an installation and a sink built into the cupboard.

On the second floor there is the bedroom of the customer herself, in the decoration of which the natural tree, the bathroom and the access to the open terrace are maximally used.

The project turned out to be interesting, functional and uncommon.




  • Рабочее место
  • Кухня
  • Прихожая
  • Гостиная
  • Гостиная-2
  • Спальня-М-1
  • Спальня-М-2
  • С-1
  • С-2
  • С-3
  • Спальня-2
  • Терраса-2